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Eve Sport Skin Recovery Kit

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Eve’s Sport Skin Recovery Kit is the essential starter kit for new users to the Skin Rejuvenation Bar. It contains two unique accessories; a 2 minute hourglass timer and a drying tray to ensure maximum natural performance for your skin and value for the life of each bar.  

The Eve Complete Skin Recovery Kit is the ultimate starter kit to new users of the Eve Treatment Bar. It contains two essential accessories to ensure you get the maximum performance and value from your Eve Bar.

The two minute hourglass timer is an easy way to ensure you leave the Treatment Lotion undisturbed on your skin for a minimum full 2 minutes. Otherwise it's easy to misjudge.

Once the skin has been evenly covered with a generous coating of the creamy natural skin care treatment lotion, natures active compounds begin a sequence of events which follow in sync with your natural biology. It is important not to interrupt or break this sequence by touching or rubbing the skin in order to achieve the best results. Once 2 minutes has passed, you can massage any area you wish to enhance the treatment prior to rinsing.

Simply turn the hourglass over after you have applied the lotion, to begin timing from the moment you begin leaving the treatment undisturbed. It is perfectly safe to leave the lotion on for longer – even overnight. But the crucial steps are performed within 2 minutes.

The Eve drying tray is designed to ensure your Treatment Bar is kept in perfect condition after every application. Because the Bar is a lotion base, it can dissolve in water. If you leave it wet on a hard surface, parts of the bar may stick to the surface and the precious natural ingredients will eventually leach out. Using this unique tray ensures the bar dries quickly - protecting the active ingredients and ensuring you get a full 90+ treatments per bar.

Simply stick the suction cap to any smooth surface in the shower or bathroom. The suction cup can be easily removed if you want to place it on a bench top.

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  Eve Treatment Bar Spa or Beauty Clinic Treatment Store Brand Cleanser
Removes Makeup
Washes Surface
Soap/Detergent Free
pH Balancing
Unblocks Pores
Increases Permeability
Deep Detox of Tissue
Increases Circulation and Repair
Optimises Absorption of Activities
Moisturing and Nourishing
Smoother and Finer Texture
Supplies of Active Ingredients
Brighter and Even Complexion
Natural Exfoliating
Normalises Skin Types
Eliminates Open Pores
Removes Age/Sun Spots
Time Required
2 Minutes 30-40 Minutes 2 Minutes
Cost Per Application
$0.30 $30.00 - $80.00 $0.25 - $0.30

How to Use - View Video

Step 1:

Rinse the skin with warm water. The temperature is not critical to the result, but warm is best. Ensure the skin is thoroughly wet and free of any significant amount of makeup before use.

Step 2:

Rinse the Eve Treatment bar with water and roll the bar between your hands to create a generous bubbly lather.

Step 3:

Set the bar aside on the Eve drying tray or travel box to dry. Then transform the bubbly lather into a thick creamy lotion by rubbing your hands together vigorously for about 5-10 seconds.

Step 4:

Simply apply the treatment lotion gently over the wet skin to achieve a generous and even coverage. Do not scrub or continue rubbing once you have achieved an even coverage. And remember to apply any remaining lotion to the neck, chest, arms, or the back of your hands instead of rinsing away under the tap as if it was a soap.

Step 5:

Using the Eve two minute hourglass timer, leave the treatment lotion undisturbed for at least a full two minutes. The unique organic compounds interact with your skin in an organized sequence during this time.

Step 6:

After a minimum of two minutes, simply rinse away any treatment lotion with water. Pat dry with a soft towel to reveal a gloriously smooth and nourished skin that is radiant, clear, and able to breathe.

1. Why a Bar and not a Lotion?

It is in fact a SOLID lotion bar. Just add water and rub between your palms to create a new full strength lotion each application . Traditional water based bottled lotions deteriorate in potency very quickly.

2. Why the 2 minutes?

This is the minimum time the lotion needs to absorb & begin interaction with your skins natural biology to do its amazing work.

3. Can I leave it on longer than 2 minutes?

Yes! After 2 mins is our recommended minimum time for the lotion to absorb into the skin, after 3 mins it may no longer be visible to the eye, however it is busy at work for the next 24hours. Some people after extended use of the bar don't rinse their skin after 2 mins.

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