Moisturizers, are they really working?

Moisturizers, are they really working?

Are you happy with the performance of your moisturizer, or ever wondered if you were getting the full value of the ingredients you are paying for?

You can improve the performance of your moisturizer by up to 300% - every day!

Well, no matter whether you are using a fairly inexpensive supermarket brand moisturizer to prevent dehydration, or a premium brand alternative promising to protect you from premature ageing, the challenge is the same.  For any moisturizer to work to its full potential, it must first be able to be absorbed and reach the area of the skin it is intended to perform in.

This is a challenge because there are so many factors that work against your lotions and potions from being absorbed by the skin.  Not least the fact that the skin is designed to allow fluids to be expelled out of the skin, and prevent potentially harmful substances from being able to penetrate its protective shield.

Additionally, most women use some form of makeup and sunscreen on their face which encourages residues and dead skin cells to accumulate which presents an additional barrier to penetrate.

The obvious conclusion is also the solution promoted by the skincare industry with the phrase, “Your moisturizer is only as good as your cleanser.”  This implies that you can rely solely on your cleanser to wash away the daily dirt and residue from your face to clear the way for your moisturizer to reach its intended destination.

"..Is your skincare preventing ageing or promoting premature ageing?"

Here is the trap.  The phrase is well intended, but it is tragically misleading in its over-simplification of the solution.  The culprit is the use of the term “cleanser”.  The truth is that the original statement was, “The moisturizing phase (of a skin treatment) is only as effective as the cleansing phase that precedes it.”

The “cleansing phase” referred to here is a multi-staged 30-40 minute process typically involving the application and removal of multiple substances – the very least of which is the soap or “cleanser” that was adopted as the phrase got simplified and popularized as it was shared around.

On the surface, the distinction between the use of “cleansing phase” and “cleanser” may seem trivial.  But the reality is that the difference is profoundly misleading.  It cannot be overstated that this is the point of difference between your moisturizer working or not working.  Your skin being healthy or unhealthy.  Your skincare preventing ageing or promoting premature ageing.  It’s that important.

The single most distinction to learn is that a “cleanser” only washes the surface of the skin.  A “cleansing phase” or “cleansing treatment” refers to deep cleansing - detoxing, purging, unblocking, and purifying the skin.  As well as addressing the exfoliation of dead surface cells and makeup residues.

How effective cleansers are in coping with the removal of modern makeup is a blog topic of its own.  But suffice to say that just clearing away surface residues will do little to assist your moisturizer get absorbed to where it can be effective.  You need to purge the tissue of deep seated wastes in order to make room for the moisturizer to be absorbed.  You can’t fill a jug with fresh water until you empty the dirty water out first.  The same goes for the skin.

For the sake of simple discussion, we’ll use the term “detox” to refer to the purging of toxins, residues, and wastes from the skin in order to make room for the skin to absorb nourishing moisturizers.  The more effectively you detox the skin, the more space you make available to potentially absorb your moisturizer.

"...just clearing away surface residues will do little to assist your moisturizer be effective.."

Detox has become a much distorted buzz word of the past twenty or thirty years.  Comparing a therapists definition of detox to that found in the brochures of most cleansers is like comparing a jumbo jet to a paper airplane.  They both fly, but that’s where the similarity ends.

A spa or beauty therapist will achieve a detox of the skin in a “cleansing treatment” that will improve the absorption of your moisturizer by over 300% compared to when you simply use a cleanser at home.  The benefit is that moisturizer is more effective than ever before, because more of the active ingredients are reaching the places where they can be most effective.

The downside is that this level of detox usually involves multiple products being applied over 30-40 minutes.  The cost in terms of both time and money means that this luxury can only be afforded occasionally – until recently.

Breakthroughs in the combining of powerful natural active ingredients has resulted in extremely effective performance being displayed in astonishingly short application times.  This has only been made possible by the synergistic and symbiotic effect that can occur when particular natural compounds are matched together.

This unique relationship has resulted in the creation of our Eve Skin Rejuvenation Bar - a soap free product that can be simply and safely applied as a single application which duplicates the result previously only possible in a 30-40 minute “cleansing treatment”.   Originally intended to be reserved for use in a clinical environment, it proved to not only be effective, but suitable for all skin types and even the most sensitive skins.


The Eve Bar is used daily to replace the traditional cleanser – but in 2 minutes achieves the detox of a professional cleansing treatment.  This is a market disrupting development that opens the potential for moisturizers to perform 300% better on a daily basis.