Effective Skin Repair & Maintenance: Part 1

Effective Skin Repair & Maintenance: Part 1

Every day our skin encounters many attacks on it's integrity to protect you from the elements.

Overnight our skin takes a well earned rest from those elements, so its good to help it recover from the day before and prepare for the day ahead.

As we sleep the melanin in our bodies goes to work helping to process the Vitamin D we've received from sunlight. Melanin is like a natural sun screen for our bodies, in humans, melanin production is important for the prevention of skin cancers, such as melanoma. This means that the skin becomes darker in most individuals when exposure to sunlight increases. Additionally, overgrowth of melanocytes can lead to the development of moles in the skin. One of the best and easiest natural ways to help your levels of melanin is with therapeutic grade Vitamin C, a key ingredient formulated into the Eve Bar.

Vitamin C is a great ingredient for skin for so many reasons, and one of them is to reduce hyper-pigmentation. A 2013 study found that treating participants who had melasma (hormonal skin darkening) and other types of hyper-pigmentation with a vitamin C product improved appearance by a mean of 73 percent. Out of 35 patients, 22 experienced a greater than 50 percent improvement. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant and can protect skin from sun exposure following treatment.

The visual result of healthy melanin levels is even skin tone, longer lasting elasticity and lack of wrinkles and expression lines.

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