Eve Skincare Bar Review by Collective Beauty

Eve Skincare Bar Review by Collective Beauty

As a beauty blogger, and all around beauty enthusiast, it’s easy to get carried away with skin care. Between the masks, serums, treatments, and creams, it can all be very overwhelming. So, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back, and simplify things. Which is exactly why I was excited to partner with Eve Skincare, a natural skin care line focused on cleansing and healing skin naturally, beautifully, and healthily!


The bar will last around 3 months if used 1x daily. That's a spa quality treatment every day, at home in 2 minutes 120x from a single bar! Compare to the cost of a single spa treatment that range from $30-$100+ product, it doesn't take long to see the true value of the Eve Bar, a 50 cent daily spa treatment that takes 2 minutes to apply and goes on working for 24hrs.

Formulated with tons of skin loving ingredients, the Skin Rejuvenation Bar promises to gently unblock pores, revealing a brighter, clearer, smoother complexion. It contains Moor (for healing), Argan Oil (to repair), Vitamin C (for brightening), and Jojoba, Macadamia, and Sweet Almond Oil (for nourishment and hydration). Plus, Vitamin E, and the highest therapeutic grade Manuka and Jarrah Honey.


For an at-home spa experience, simply wet your face with warm water, then rinse the bar until it foams into a frothy later. Apply the creamy lather with your hands, until it covers all areas evenly. Then, using the hourglass timer, allow the product to sit for two minutes while the organic compounds interact with your skin. Once the two minutes are up, simply rinse, and pat dry.

Tip: Apply any remaining lather to your neck, chest, arms, or hands for an even deeper spa like experience! 

PH balanced, and naturally exfoliating, this rich and powerful bar quickly goes to work removing impurities, dirt, and even makeup.  It’s gentle enough for use on my sensitive skin, and never leaves it feeling tight or dry. It’s been part of my beauty routine for the last 4 weeks, and I can already tell a difference. My dry patches are gone, my redness has calmed, and I’ve had zero breakouts!


Eve Skincare offers three ways to buy this luxurious bar. You can purchase it all on its own, for $59.95, in a travel box for $64.95, or as part of a kit (featuring the hourglass timer, and a handy drying tray) for $74.95