Maternity Skincare for You and Baby

Maternity Skincare for You and Baby

Pregnancy is a pinnacle moment in life – when the body is at the peak of its powers. A new life is being formed and hormones dominate the landscape.

The skin is at its most radiant when everything is in balance. But when imbalances occur, there can be long term implications for both the mother and newborn.

Trying to make it safely through this critical period can seem like walking through a minefield. Diet, lifestyle, environment, and every day stresses all play a role in the outcome.

Making the right choices when everyone is offering differing opinions can be confusing and stressful.

That’s where we can help. At Eve, we have applied 30 years of experience to make the journey safe and easy. We eliminate the complexity of skincare and keep every aspect of the skins health in its optimum natural balance while the body goes through immense changes. This ensures vibrant healthy skin for both the mother and baby – today and into adulthood


“ The first 12 months of a baby’s life will determine the quality of skin they develop in adulthood.”

The health of a child’s skin as they develop through adolescence to adulthood is greatly shaped and determined by the first 12 months of life outside the womb.

This is the crucial time when the immune system is being developed to cope with the external environment as it is translated through sensory messages relayed to the developing nervous system. In simple terms, the body is trying to build a biological system for survival and reproduction for a world it tries to understand purely from data the senses provide.

Bombarding it with soaps, alkaline detergents, and chemicals overloads and disrupts the fragile and undeveloped immune system. These are stresses you must avoid because they divert energy and nutritional resources away from the crucial role of developing a balanced and robust survival system.

“The Eve Skin Rejuvenation Bar rescues fragile and sensitive skin from stress and makes it stronger.”

Eve soothes and cleanses while establishing optimum moisture and pH balance. Manuka and Jarrah honeys fight viral and bacterial rashes and irritations. And all the while, organic plant compounds are at work supporting and nurturing the developing body.

It’s all about Nature. Nature holds the key and provides us the tools to reach peak health and maintain it. Our quest is to identify nature’s proven and most powerful tools. We then combine them into a form that can be easily applied and used by the body to overcome the daily challenges to our health.

So you can relax and enjoy the journey of motherhood, knowing that an internal balance is being maintained as healthy skin is being built from the inside out - 24 hours a day.