Your skin is one of the body’s most sensitive organs. And like most aspects of our health, the key to maintaining its strength is by achieving a balance.

As our largest organ it is the first line of protection from external dangers. The sun can cause obvious havoc to our skin. Some of these effects can be easily stopped or reduced through the use of organic materials and natural skincare methods. By nourishing the skin’s many needs it can become clean and clear, bringing with it that confidence we all strive for.   

However these needs can change day-to-day and over time, meaning skin reacts differently to varying methods of natural skincare. What we sometimes don’t realize is that our skin is sensitive to what is inside of us. Allergens and intolerance's can affect the way our skin reacts externally. Diet plays a key role in how skin develops with age. Lifestyle, corresponding stress levels and how we deal with them are also something to be aware of as our hormones and psychological health can have very physical consequences on our skin. There are three ways of ensuring your skin is receiving all the right nutrients and treatment.

  1. Moisture

Your skin takes a beating on a daily basis and is constantly regenerating. That’s great but often your body just can’t keep up. Keeping the skin hydrated has been proven to accelerate the healing process and improve the look and feel of your skin.

This effectively allows your body to ‘catch up’ naturally. And no, don’t go soaking yourself in a kiddie pool of product thinking it’s the fountain of youth, you’ll just turn into a prune. A more common way to keep your skin hydrated is to apply an expensive high-quality Aloe Vera based lotion to your skin a few times a day. That sounds like a hassle, and it is. Keep reading, there’s a better way to moisturize and revitalize your skin.

To moisturize effectively and more easily would be to use a single product that contains all necessary wherewithal to keep you hydrated all day long.

The Eve Bar has 9 specially selected ingredients, including 4 therapeutic-grade skincare oils to take care of those needs.

  1. Normalize PH Levels

Skin is like life: it needs to be balanced to be working just right. That balance comes in the form of PH levels, which regulates the acidity and alkaline ratios in our skin. Ranging from 0 (being acidic) to 14 (being alkaline) our skin sits on a slightly acidic level - around 5.5. Dropping as low as 0 and we can expect to see some pretty drastic breakouts as the acidity becomes too high. Too far in the other direction and the PH level of the skin becomes too alkaline, resulting in tender dryness.

The reason for fluctuating pH levels is through the secretion of sebum from the sebaceous and sudoriferous glands, which maintain skin elasticity and health. Sweat and dirt can upset temperamental pH levels by blocking pores.

Having the skin at the right pH levels helps fight against bacteria and pollutants, meaning it is absolutely necessary to wash your skin of all the grime it collects over the course of the day. By removing what’s crept into our pores over the day we can allow our skin to breath and excrete natural oils personally made for our skin. Replenishing it with a healthier and better-suited skincare method afterward will reduce variation in the balance of our skins interior.

For skin to look and function its important to find that middle ground. Reading the reactions of your skin to certain skincare methods can tell you exactly what it needs to reach its full potential.

Eve’s facial chart clues the user in to exactly what the skin needs through its rate and pattern of absorption.

  1. Dump Your Expensive Cleansers & Moisturizers

Other substances that can upset the balance of our skin are moisturizers and cleansers ill equipped to the personal needs of our skin. Tune in to you skin type and how and what it reacts to. Check which area of your skin retains more oil. This will help you pick the right products.

Some products feel great and appear to cover up bumps and lumps. It might even give the appearance of fresh and clean skin. But it might very well be those skin products causing the problem in the first place. Many products might guard the skin from external skin damaging bacteria.

These strong barriers cause more harm than good because they tend to keep what’s inside locked in. By holding in natural bacteria we stop the body’s organic nutrients from being excreted on a regular basis. It is important for this to occur as it regulates the natural balance of the skin. In the end what you have is a cycle of damage and control that only escalates as we keep using the products.

Our diet, lifestyle and corresponding stress levels can also affect what we put on our faces. By balancing the oils in our skin, by reading the reactions of our skin we can be clued in to exactly what it requires. It’s all about balance!